Our Pre-School Day

Free Play
Free play takes place inside the pre-school and in the outside play area, where a variety of toys, interesting objects, together with items for them to experience are set out.

During this time, we observe the children, making written notes and taking photos for their records and to inform the planning of future activities. This helps us get to know them well, and we can plan how best to promote each child's learning and development. We have varied themes of interest throughout the school year.

The children may move freely between inside and outside - although in cold or wet weather we ensure that they put on coats.

They may choose other toys or activities themselves from our clearly photo labelled boxes and drawers and are encouraged to put things away when they have finished with them. They are encouraged to ask if there is something they would like to do but cannot initiate themselves.

Snack Time

We operate a seated snack time when the session children come to a table and help themselves to a cup and plate, find a seat and choose something to eat from the healthy choice available that day. We always make sure children wash their hands before they eat and check that every child is aware when snack is available. Drinking water is always available. Children are often involved in preparing snack themselves and we sometimes use snack time as a chance to try new foods; they are encouraged to clear away after themselves. Read more here about the Smiling for Life Certificate that we have been awarded for healthy eating at the Pre-School.

Carpet/Circle Time

This is where we share news, perhaps discuss current themes/topics or look at something some of us have done today. All children have the opportunity to talk or rest if they want to.

Story Time

Usually told or read by a member of staff, but parents, grandparents and childminders are invited to come in and read a story at the end of morning or afternoon sessions.