School uniform

We have responded to feedback from parents and carers when they told us that sometimes the children's clothes can get messy and stained as a result of too much fun!  So, if you to wish save wear and tear of your child's clothes as a result of Pre-school activities* you are welcome to purchase these items.  Some parents may also find that a simple dress code on school days helps with the morning routine.  


Mortimer Pre-school does not have a compulsory school uniform policy - parents are not under any obligation to purchase these items.  

It's really easy to order - simply click this link and you will be taken to the uniform webpage.  We have selected some basic items that you may wish to purchase, all of which are embroidered with the school logo (see the picture on the right). 


If you do not have internet access please let a member of staff know and we can order on your behalf.


The web address is here in case the link doesn't work for you copy and paste this into your browser window:


*We do what we can to minimise how the fun stuff like paint, water, sand, play dough, mud, food, soap, foam, jelly, water, crayons gets onto clothes but sometimes children find the games are better the messier they get!