Committee details

The Pre-school committee is made up of a voluntary group of parents and paid staff.   The committee has a similar role to the board of governors at a school and committee members act as trustees for the pre-school charity.

Parents of all children attending the Pre-school are welcome to join the committee if they wish to do so.  It is hoped that all parents will help on the committee or with some of the events (even if that's making cups of tea at the end of term party!) at some point during their child’s time at Pre-School.   This is a great way to meet other parents and learn about the role of the Pre-School in the community.  Any assistance that parents are able to give, either on the committee or as helpers at fundraising events, is greatly appreciated and of direct benefit to the Pre-School - and is usually good fun too!

The committee consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraiser, Fundraising team members and general members, and is responsible for reviewing and applying current Pre-School policies, employing and appraising staff, and maintaining the building and grounds.   The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in October each year.  All parents are encouraged to attend to hear about the financial report and the activities that have taken place over the year.

The Pre-school is run on a not-for profit basis and is a registered charity (RCN: 287072). This is why fundraising is so important to us. We have regular fundraising and social events to raise money that helps maintain and improve our Pre-School.  


Our committee members are:

  • Chair - Klara Hicks

  • Secretary - Ana Marcela Correa

  • Treasurer - Becky Stephen

  • Other members -  Anna Brading, Geoff Guest, Jen Jenkins, Rachel Kennedy, YiShan Li, Cassie Polden, Mike Stephen, Gemma Wingfield, Zhanina Yordanova

If you are interested in getting involved do come along to one of the meetings - simply email for more information.  We look forward to seeing you!